Just an Observation ...

It is a fascinating thing to have been created in the image of God.

Really. Think about it.

And it is even more fascinating to observe aspects of human nature which reflect that image.

 For example, think of your reflexes. I was sitting at my desk doing homework, books piled up in every direction and clutter abounding. It was no wonder that my coffee cup began to run out of elbow room, and ever so gradually, it was shoved to the edge of the desk. Suddenly, the inevitable happened: it slid off the precipice of ebony. In one quick motion of pure instinct and adrenaline, I reached out to catch it. Luckily, I succeeded and avoided staining my bedroom carpet! How marvelous are our reflexes?

 Such an instance reminded me of our sweet God. I thought, if I have been created in God's image, with His attributes, and I have this incredible human trait, then He too must have uncanny reflexes, even more so than we do. Then He gave me a visual image in my mind of how quick He is to reach out His mighty hand when He sees me stumbling. When He sees any of His children falling, in an instant, without a moment's hesitation, He reaches out to catch them. And He never fails. Oh, how wonderful to trust a God who keeps us from falling and meeting a destructive end! Praise God for His amazing reflexes!

 And what powers that reflex? His love for us.

 “For You have delivered my soul from death, my eyes from tears, and my feet from falling.” – Psalm 116:8

 Have you observed any human traits that have made you think of the way God works?