Hooray! I officially have a blog!

This is a place where I can experiment with transcribing into print God's words of encouragement to me, His divine work, and my daily experiences in His grace, and it is my prayer that you are blessed by it. After all, none of this is of myself. I do not boast or take credit for anything. I am merely an empty vessel for God to pour into. Everything written here, I hope, will ultimately give glory to Him, for it is by His grace alone that I have come this far.

God is amazing, I have to say. I'm living proof!

Now, I may not be much in your eyes. I definitely do not see myself as much of anything. I just hope that I can be emptied of myself so that God can shine His own goodness and love through me. Believe me, on my own, I am not a pretty picture. Anything good in me comes from God above!

If at least one person is encouraged by at least one of my posts, praise God! He will have used me to bless them! But I sincerely hope that I can channel God's message of love so that you will know how much He loves you. I am not capable of that kind of love. Only He is.

Well, here we go! I am so excited! Gloria a Dios!

Psalm 46:10

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